Same Room’ – a Poem by Frank Burke

4 nights in
I’m in it again
Psychosis is where I am.
I’m coming down
Saying never again
At the same time as ordering a gram.

I knew I was ready
I knew I was done
I knew that this wasn’t fun.
Went looking for help
With my bondage of self
And that’s where recovery begun.

We all come together like bees in a hive
All come together to stay alive,
We know that we’re safe
Like we’re back in the womb
Cause we’re all in the
Same room .

Told you my war stories
Gave you my truth
I’ve looked deep into my soul.
Been damaged inside
And I know that I’ve lied
I’m a fish in a very dark bowl.

Serenity courage and wisdom
I found my way back to you.
The hand of the addict will heal me
I’ll keep coming back to these rooms.

Obsession pulls you
Like a moth to a flame
If you relapse
Just come back again.
This works if you let it
And don’t you forget it
It’s a combination of things.

First you can find you a sponsor
And that’s when you start to connect,
Admit that you’ve got a problem.
And throw yourself into those steps
Throw yourself into the steps.
Because those are the word’s I consume
I’ll spend the rest of my life
In these rooms,
And I’m dancing to only one tune
With you and my God
In these rooms.

Frank Burke

Some Testimonials for your reading pleasure . . . . . .

I first walked in through the door of CA on a Friday night in Chelmsford 20 months ago with my oldest friend in the world who had found the 12 steps of recovery a few years previously.  I wish I could tell you that I got recovery from that night but I am a true addict and had to go and try and kill myself for a while longer.  What I did get from that meeting was that there were others like me which was a revelation as I felt like the loneliest person even when I was in a packed room.  I also felt compassion and support from a bunch of complete strangers, which I found very hard to take as I have such a self-loathing for myself. Most importantly I heard the final words, keep coming back and that I have done.  If you are reading this and considering going to your first meeting, please please do and if you don’t want to go alone call me or the helpline and we will be there with you.  This stuff really can give you back your life and a purpose for living one day at a time.